-  04.16 New Cellufun Info, April 2020

Continue to stay safe people!

We have just enabled two NEW kinds of chatrooms on the new site.

-  03.01 New Cellufun Info, March 2020

First, hope all of you are staying safe and practicing your social distancing!

We're excited to tell you that we are finally bringing the new site live.

-  01.11 New Cellufun Info, Jan 2020

As people have been talking about the new site, there have been various rumors and speculation:
Here is the official information:

-  01.09 2015 Holiday Games End Dates
Please be aware, the remaining 2015 Holiday games are will be coming down on the following schedule:
As always, these are NYC Time.

-  08.31 2015 Holiday Games End Dates
Please be aware Courtly Love, Luck O The Irish, Fowl Play and Cinco De Mayo will be taken down on Thursday, 9/3/2015. Thank you and good luck!

-  07.24 Special Cardboard Promotion
We are pleased to announce a special promotion attached to the new CelluBox 3D Glasses! Everyone who collects all the charms to unlock these special 3Ds will receive their very own Cellufun Cardboard! Are you ready for a grand adventure?
Get More Information Here

-  05.20 Email Verification and Emails
Hello all, due to unforseen issues with our email provider, emails from Cellufun's system are currently offline. In light of that, the requirement to verify your email address will not be enforced until later in the summer. We will post a news item when the date is set, and you will have at least 1 months notice. Thanks for playing!

-  03.04 Cellufun Downtime
Due to scheduled maintenance by our ISP, Cellufun will be inaccessible from 11:30PM Thursday, March 5th (NYC Time) until 3AM Friday March 6th. Thank you for you patience!

-  01.12 2014 Holiday Games End Dates
Please be aware, the remaining 2014 Holiday games are will be coming down on the following schedule:
As always, these are NYC Time.

-  11.07 New FC Buyer Promotion System!
We are very excited to announce a big change to our FC Buyer Promotion System! We hated that some people had to miss out on promotions because they landed on bad days for them, or they just bought as much as they could before the promotion launched, and we're sure you hated that too! Well now promotions are going to be good all month long! Any promotion announced during the month, will be good until the end of the month, and ALL purchases you made during the month count towards the promotion. If you already bought enough FCs to qualify for a promotional item when it's announced, you will automatically receive it as a gift. Thank you for all that you do to support Cellufun and keep it free for everyone to play!

-  09.16 Rixty Cards are Here!
Rixty has launched on Cellufun! As a replacement to the previous UGC Cards, Rixty adds the ability to get FunCoins all over the globe with partners like uKash, Western Union, OneCard and more! Just check out the easiest way to Top up on Rixty here on their site, and head over to Buy FunCoins Now!

-  09.12 Rixty Cards Coming!
We are proud to announce that we are working on bringing Rixty Cards to Cellfun! As a replacement to UGC, Rixty Cards will offer a way to buy FCs through many major stores, online, and using Western Union! Click here for a complete list of the different cards they have, and where to get them! (Warning, not a mobile-friendly site)

-  08.27 e/moticons
Introducing Cellufun e/moticons! A picture says a thousand words, and these easy to use, full color animated emoticons will spice up any conversations. Because we are looking to reward our most loyal customers, these emoticons are completely free for those of you that support us with recent Funcoin Purchases. So enjoy this initial set, and look for exciting additions to this feature in the near future! List of current e/moticons here!

-  08.12 Ultimate Game Card Replacements
So you may have heard that after buying the Ultimate Game Card company, Visa is shutting it down at the end of September. We have been investigating alternatives to the UGC, and think the best option is to use Paypal. Joining PayPal is easy even if you don’t have a credit card, you can use prepaid credit cards like the American Express Serve or Visa Account Now, which you can pick up in any drug store, and any of the places you picked up the UGC before.

American Express Serve lets you reload at more than 27,000 places, like 7-11, CVS, Family Dollar and Walmart. They charge $1/month without any other costs to use or reload, so this seems like a pretty reasonable option.

Visa Account Now cards are another option, available at even more places including the ones above. They charge $4-5 to add money, which might be worth it if you want to buy a larger quantity of FunCoins.

-  08.11 Holiday Games Coming Down
Hello all! The Spring Holiday Games, Courtly Love, Luck O the Irish, Fowl Play and Cinco De Mayo, will be ending for the year on Friday, August 29th at 10AM Eastern. Get your last soulmates, shamrocks, eggs and pinatas in while you can!

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